YZiForm is an ASCII based graphics format created by Steven Stanek to work with the YZ-Windows system. Although YZiForm was designed for YZ, it could easily be implemented for any of a variety of applications. It uses the somewhat arrogant file extension ".iff".

Note: The YZiForm system has recently been redesigned to take advantage of ASCII bitmapping and compression. Also the yziform and yziformutil libraries have been rewritten, resulting in radical initial load time improvements. These are extension of the original yziform specification.

YZiForm Information
Notes on bitmapping and compression
Version History
The specifications for YZiForm 0.0.0a. (the original release)

The features of YZiForm Follow

Some YZiForm Source Files (all written in C by Steven Stanek)

Future Plans
YZiForm may eventually contain vector based images (YZivForm perhaps) and RLE compression. However, these are not priorities at present.