Lunar Eclipse Images

These images were taken of the lunar eclipse early on the morning of Tuesday August 28, 2007 through a Konica Minolta DImage Z2 camera at maximum focal length of 68 mm (380 mm 35mm film equivalent). It was mounted on a camera tripod, metered, focused and aimed manually. Because no telescope was used, their resolution is substantially worse the images on my moon site. The images were taken over about one hour period. The times quoted in the images are based on camera time which is fast by about 13 minutes.

There are two kinds of images in this set. Those that show the directly solar illuminated portion of the moon and those that show the scattered illumination.

The direct solar illuminated images are those that are metered to show details of the bright portion of the moon at a given time. This region is directly illuminated by sunlight that traveled through space and struck the moon. Note that throughout the imaging time, the Moon was technically in the penumbra of the Earth. This means that the Earth was attenuating some of the light the direct sunlight that would otherwise have struck the moon, making it darker than a full moon otherwise would be. However, a substantial amount of sunlight did indeed avoid the Earth and strike the moon creating the bright portion.

The indirectly illuminated images over-expose the directly illuminated portion in order to show the darker portions of the moon. These portions are illuminated by sunlight that has first been scattered by the Earth's atmosphere so they tend to have a orangish red tint (the atmosphere bends red light less so it tends to pass through and strike the moon).

The images shown are full resolution. In some cases, other images that were taken at the same time may be viewed by clicking the "Alt" link.

Direct Solar Images
2:11 AM

2:15 AM

2:21 AM

2:25 AM

2:32 AM

2:40 AM




3:03 AM

Indirect Light Images
2:28 AM

2:33 AM

2:47 AM

2:54 AM

2:57 AM

3:01 AM

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